Accident Investigations

After spending 25 years as an agency executive in national media ( radio, TV and print) I realized my “traditional ” advertising background was useless when it came to creating an effective website.

I hired Matthew Costello of Costello- Media to design a website for my husband’s accident reconstruction company, Accident Investigations, Inc.
Never mind that Matthew can effectively communicate with clients like me who don’t speak the language of computers and the internet. Never mind that he delivered our site on time and on budget. Matthew’s greatest talent is “search engine optimization”. Without it, your website is lost!

We saw an immediate return on our investment because of Matthew’s uncanny ability to get us “up there” in the search engines. In fact, my favorite illustration of this point is when we were contacted by the Minister of Transportation of Dubai, United Arab Emirates. He found us through our website and wanted our company to investigate a bus accident in Dubai !!

Whether you want customers from around the world or around the corner, you owe it to your bottom line to work with Costello-Media.

Barbara Russell

R. J. Tilley Plumbing and Heating

I just wanted to say Thank You for a job very well done. We appreciate your assistance in getting the website online. You did a great job. We had no interruption at all.

We’ve had some very positive comments already about the site. It looks so much better. I can’t believe we waited this long for an updated site.

Thanks again. Have a wonderful day.

Judy Tilley

Christie’s Fine Gardenin

When I met Matthew Costello last January, I had worked with 4 different website companies over 6 years and spent over $12,000 trying to get the text, pictures and search engines in line to pull in business. What I noticed right away that was different with Matthew was that…he listened, asked questions, listened, gave suggestions, listened and then delivered what he said he would.

Matthew helped me figure out who I wanted to service and target. We simplified the text of many pages, pulled in key words and stressed the value of my company and ZAPPO! after 5 years about 90% of my business is coming from the website.

The whole time we worked together I was very impressed at how cognizant he was at utilizing his time with me productively. He wrote out what he planned to do and the time frame in which it was to be finished and what I would have in the end. It all happened as he said for the dollar amount we had agreed on.

The ongoing relationship we have in developing my website as my company changes saves me time and energy in not having to re-create the wheel a 5th time. I can actually develop my website with someone who has the artistic flair, computer skills and ethical value system needed to make it effective, affordable and fun.

Christie Barry