The Exit Click – Are You Giving Your Visitors Reason to Leave?

The Exit Click – Are You Giving Your Visitors Reason to Leave?


There’s a good piece of advice given to songwriter’s: Don’t give your audience a chance to check out. Which means a songwriter should keep the audience engaged with a clear story in their lyrics and keep the audience’s attention with memorable music that flows well.

The same is true of websites. But instead of just tuning out of your message and not listening (or reading), your visitor can leave your site entirely in one click – the Exit Click.

Here are two of many reasons your user may use their Exit Click.

1) Your navigation is confusing or over designed.

With the best of intentions designers and clients will work to create “original” and “creative” navigation buttons that are not necessarily obvious to most users how they function. “We think it’s great. Once they get used to it they’ll really love it. They’ll figure it out when they ‘get it’”.

Well the facts are users aren’t at your site to figure out how your website works. They are there to find out what you do, who you are and how to contact you. Making them work harder to find those things out is not the way to achieve that. Instead, you’re giving them motivation to take the Exit Click.

2) Having to search for the most basic information.

There’s nothing more frustrating than being on a website, knowing the company provides the service you want, you’re ready to buy and . . . you can’t find the phone number or an email address. You click on the “Contact” button and you get a contact form, but still no number. Now I’m an advocate of the contact form. However, the phone number is the most likely path for a motivated customer. Not seeing that within  easy reach can make your customer use they Exit Click.

The important thing to remember is once they’ve used their Exit Click, they are going to end up at one of your competitors’ sites.

Don’t give them an opportunity to check out. Keep them humming the tune and following the story of your website.

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